“I Find Myself On Earth”: Fka Twigs the Sangoma and the Osirian Resurrection of Afro-futurism in RadiantMe2 at Pier6 (part 3)

Twigs is not a singer; she is an inimitably genius and multidiscipline performance artist that uses her voice and her body in dance as her tools.

Watching radiantme2 before any new album dropped, I could only assume, with my own academic and spiritual background and experiential journey, my own interpretive context in relation to the show’s conception and construction around the new songs. To me, watching the sole headlining show of 2016 at Pier 6 felt like watching a procession of the Kemetic NTRU (read: gods) and deified Pharaohs, the most glorious of our elevated Nubian ancestors.


Twigs and her beautiful dancers adorning the stage with their serpentine movements, like summer-heated honey, liquid running sensual thick. Their gorgeous, golden mica-sprinkled and sweat-sheened bodies seeming boneless, feathery Grace, like Temple incense smoke wafting in the air, the smoke curling like the shape of a woman…it was like watching the mythologies of the times before time, the times of the Pyramids and even the times before, all played out on stage right before us in the year 2016.


Yet, distinctly, as ancient and idyllic as its aesthetic made me feel, I also had a palpable feeling of Afro-futurism, the incarnation of an Octavia Butler alien creature descended to Earth, trapped in the Vessel of a human woman’s body. Imagine— an intergalactic Goddess of terrible and awe-inspiringly benevolent power, forced for whatever reason to incarnate in the flesh of a modern girl. I felt somehow the story behind RadiantMe2 was somewhere between the two, between the most ancient of our ancestral history in the Golden Glory days of ancient Nubian Kush and Kemet and Sumeria, yet also far into the future, or, indeed, far beyond time itself, in an interdimensional, liminal realm where all eras and aeons of history may freely collide and are inextricably woven, the way we saw demonstrated in films like Back To The Future, Interstellar, Men in black 3, The Butterfly Effect, and The Neverending Story.

The character Twigs played in the dance reminded me at once of an amalgam of the idyllic rainforest nature faerie folk of FernGully, the manga-futuristic warrior women like Tank Girl, the soulful indigenous extraterrestrial royalty like Neytiri on Avatar, and the spell-binding power and beauty of the Queen of Heaven, She who wears the Throne as Her Crown, Auset/Isis Herself.

@communeandtransmute Copyright Justin Green 2016

I imagined, if this Multidimensional Queen had a scent she’d smell of clean white lotus and night jasmine and her skin would glow like moonstone, her dredlocs perfumed with the smoke of frankinsence and white sandalwood and bedazzled with dew and the diamonds of stars, her hands pouring forth milk and her mouth spewing forth nothing but Platinum and Violet Light.

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coconut, tobacco and sea salt

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This woman, “child of a million stars”, this character, this force, channeled through the Vessel that is twigs the Artist, has truly descended to Earth, with her Precious Light (in the shape of a Pyramid, mind you) in hand, to finally “show you the Meaning of Womb-an!”


copyright @communeandtransmute Justin Green

8:51pm Aug 6 2016, Atlanta, GA, Gloria Steele-Hatten

as I said it my comment on @Harrowing’s post to my friend @communeandtransmute:

it is all coming to surface now, what we’ve been gleefully discerning from day one, ESPECIALLY evident in the #Aje#TripleGoddess #MotherMaidenCroneimagery of the #RedBlackWhite Queens in #m3li55x. In and through the VESSEL of @fkatwigs the Ase of AJE unfolding slowly yet surely as she emerges discovering her true self through#egungun and #Odu and Light Codes now #activating the Highest Self aka Ori#realtriplegoddessesbelike #Sangoma#shamaness #Pharaoh #NTRU #Iyalosa#Iyaami #IyaNla #IyalAje#fkatwigsisgoddess#SheIsHerOwnArchetype #radiantme2#etheriumgold







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Gloria Steele-Hatten is a 30 year old mother, Oracular channel, Genius, Lit-geek, screenwriter, and fertility health counselor, passionate about healing through the power of the Word, integrating spirituality, sexuality, and art. With acute aptitude for interpreting the spiritual, mythological, or symbolic in literature, film, media, and pop culture, Mrs. Steele-Hatten loves raising the Collective Feminine Consciousness by teaching herbal self-healing and engaging in socio-sexual-political discourse concerning representations of women in modern mass media and how these images inherit, perpetuate, challenge, or refute ancient ideas and representations of women, particularly in religious iconography, mythology, and ritual. she has created, curated, and contributed to several blogs, including The Gorgeous Girls' Guide and Examiner. Taught to read by age 2, writing since 5, published poet at 11, Mrs. Steele-Hatten is ambitious about returning the artistry, glory and glorification to dedicated literary Craft and Scholarship. While not writing, Mrs. Steele-Hatten enjoys Ecstatic Dance, cooking, and travel. Authored, Edited, and Self-Published: All The Birds The Fly Within Her Poetry Series, 2014, Lulu Press Vol !: Apple Seeds Vol 2: Stag and the Sibyl Vol 3: Daughters and Worms Black Mother, Black Matter, 2015, Lulu Press Curried Goddess: Turmeric Transformation Recipes for Sensual Health Empowerment, 2016, Lulu Press Publications & Features: “Diodachi” featured in Enheduanna: A Pagan Literary Journal October 2016 Samhain Edition (forthcoming), published by The Salt Lake Pagan Society “Wombyn, Womb-In”, "Love Letter to Veludo" Published in The Dark Ones Anthology published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina (forthcoming) “temptress blamed, woman scorned", and "Ofo Ase" Published in Garland of the Goddess Anthology published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina (forthcoming) “Odinnson” featured in An Eternal Haunted Summer ezine Winter Solstice 2016 edition (forthcoming) published by Asphodel Press “GodMaker” and “Delicious Culpability” featured in Poems To F*ck To, Poetry In Motion Publishing, LLC February 2015

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